Dreams of Poetry

So, why am I starting this poetry magazine? I guess because I’ve always wanted to, but right now, I think it’s because I need to. Not because I need to get published more (I mean, I do! So many people do!) but because I need to.

It’s a dilemma so many of us face, work versus dreams. We work because we need money, and our time and energy is taken by that job. We do it because we need to keep a place to live, where we hope we can keep writing. It doesn’t always work out though. Some dreams are easier to keep going than others.

In a way, this magazine is a police force on my own creativity. Hopefully, it’ll grow into something fully formed.

4 thoughts on “Dreams of Poetry”

  1. Good luck and congratulations on the launch of the first issue. Looking forward to reading it. We need more people like you who are prepared to take the risk of putting new material out there. I wish you every success.

  2. Think you are very brave to start a new print magazine at a time when print mags are shutting down (The Interpreter’s House!), and re-opening as e-zines. E-zines are cheaper and easier to manage, but I think print-mags are so much more satisfying. Having said that, my years and years of back copies of magazines I have subscribed to are taking up so much space in already bulging bookshelves. It is a real dilemma, and there is no market for second-hand poetry magazines, try as I will to share. So pleased and grateful to have a poem in this great new effort, Aisling. Think you need to put more info about what you are doing on Facebook. I just heard about submitting via the friend-of-a-friend grapevine.

    1. Cheaper? Yes, depending on the website, but there’s also no way of getting a bit of it back. Easier to manage? Debateable.

      Marble is a very slim volume, and it has many uses other than taking up space on a bookshelf. It can swat away bees and flies. It can paper cut your enemies. You can add some ham and make a Marble sandwich. It can BLOW YOUR MIND!**

      **joke stolen from Cyanide and Happiness.

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