Broadsheet Subscription

Broadsheet Subscription


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Annual Subscription to the monthly broadsheet, containing 6 poems on a theme. Each month, one is chosen by the broadsheet’s contributors to be paid £20. Themes are announced on the social media pages, follow us for up-to-date information

Themes so far:

1: History – Winning poem was ‘In the Making’ by Lindsay Macgregor (Other contributors: Tom Kelly, LJ Ireton, Irene Cunningham, Robert Nisbet and Ruth Aylett)

2: Language – Winning poem was ‘Mouth to Ear to Mind’ by Aaron Facer (Other contributors: Natalie Stypka, Chaelio Thomas, Jules Leigh-Koch, Maeve Mckenna, Lauran Kelly)

3: Body: Winning poem was ‘Self Construction and Decor’ by Emily J Helen (Other contributors: Julia Deakin, Sarah Davies, Stephen Wren, Louise Warren, Jamie Woods)

4: Country: Winning Poem was ‘Border’ by Angela Arnold (Other contributors: Robert Nisbet, Stephen Watt, Joanne McCarthy, Sadie Maskery, Katie Mcilroy


All broadsheets are currently available only as a subscription. To purchase individual broadsheets contact







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