Materials for Building a City, Elliot C. Mason

Materials for Building a City, Elliot C. Mason




‘Like defiant missives from the legions of the listless and presently lost precariat, Elliot’s poetry decorously, and with concise and precise sting, demystifies and guts the historic power relations that determine the age’s much reduced life chances. Here the personal and the political jostle in deft symbiosis because the barbaric reductivism of Capital is still very much in the business of kicking-down, knifing ambition and subject-positioning all in its sealed, patrolled precincts to an abeyance of omnipresent thwart. Elliot’s poesy critiques through a jagged yet ribald sentience, inverting the searchlights, so to speak, to discover the structured estrangements of our time through a body of work in which broken fragmenta rub alongside an interlacing and mux of the disparate and dislocated to illuminate the murk of an ever increasing societal disengagement and disassocia. Here, the form and the message dovetail with frightening efficacy; Elliot’s vent is, however, never without his glorious, signature, barking barbs of sub-dark humour, this is an interventionist intellect at full throttle.’ Barney Ashton

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