Red Queen, Hilary Hares

Red Queen, Hilary Hares




This compelling pamphlet consists of a sequence of poems in which Hilary Hares makes deft use of telling detail and the sustained image of the Red Queen as well as other metaphors drawn from Alice in Wonderland to trace a relationship with a repressive mother and the effects of growing up in a non-communicating family. The short taut poems depict the child’s isolation and towards the end the adult poet offers a glimpse of the unhappy person the mother was. The Red Queen is a memorable debut which will speak to many readers.” Myra Schneider

Hilary Hares’ debut pamphlet creates a modern, dark take on the Alice in Wonderland tale. Read an extract below:


Sometimes the night

is just too big

and so I creep to her

for comfort

and she takes me

down the rabbit hole again

where, cat-warm and safe

I dream in her enormous bed.

But in the morning

she’s the Red Queen

marching me to school

and I can hardly breathe

in case the axe should fall.