Fordings, Daniel Gustafsson

Fordings, Daniel Gustafsson




“Whether evoking a past world existing somewhere between history and myth, describing landscapes, or narrating the subtle turnings of a relationship, Gustafsson’s special skill lies in clever, vivid, often punning, diction, meticulously chosen and controlled.” Robert Powell.

“These poems combine acute observation of the natural world, a specific setting in the landscape of the North of England, and a bright Scandinavian sense of form. This is only the surface, and embodied in the poetic fabric is a philosophy of symbol and sacrament, as well as strata of historic memory. The collection’s momentum, carried by sustained rhetorical energy, is inflected by the poet’s theological seriousness, and glints of the sacred are thrown out from among the interacting layers of meaning.” Martin Potter.

Daniel Gustafsson’s pamphlet takes the reader on a journey, from Viking Scandinavia to the refuge boxes of the Northumberland coast. Read a preview below:



relies on the ferryman’s art:

unmooring one ship to berth

with another. So, as the heart’s compass

wings round again, wheels

like a crane for the far shores,

keepsakes are best left

to breakers: crates overturned

on the bare rocks, old bottles bursting

with brine.


Daniel Gustafsson is a lecturer in York, who hails from Sweden. His debut collection, Alyosha was published by Augur Press in 2016.