Fathom, Rebecca Gethin

Fathom, Rebecca Gethin




The latest mini from Marble, Rebecca Gethin’s pamphlet Fathom explores the history and legacy of tin-mining in Cornwall. Read an extract below: 

Review from Cornish poet Rose Cook:

‘Rebecca Gethin is a deeply talented poet whose gift is particularly for passionate and accurate expression. She will immerse herself in her subject with particular intensity and take us with her. In Fathom Gethin turns her focus to the harsh landscape of the mines of West Penwith. On reading these poems I found myself sea-torn, pulled often into huge seas, fighting for breath in the teeth of wild winds that ripped at my eyes or half-smothered in a mine, my lungs filled with dust or thrust into small spaces where: ‘The space holds you/utters you/It’s only just enough/but it is enough/Anything more is waste.’

Here are poems which plunge you deep into the belly of tin mines, to explore ancient lodes of pain and grief. Below ground she shows us Botallackite, Devilline and Arsenic, the effects of which she explores in ‘House of Water’, a quietly powerful poem. This is beautifully realised poetry. I really recommend you read it.’