Issue 8

Issue 8


Enaie Azambuja, ‘Remember’

Sarah L Dixon, ‘In the folds between the pages’

Kim Whysall-Hammond, ‘Weaver’

Elinor Clark, ‘crabbing’

Sean Chapman, ‘the boat that built Bude’

Mark Blayney, ‘Exeter, April’

Roy Duffield, ‘The Still Life’

Kennedy Osborne, ‘and sunken fingers shall rise’

Beatrice Ashton-Lelliot, ‘Ordinary Conjurors’

David Hamson, ‘Days I would show to you’

Gordon Gibson, ‘A Victorian Photograph’

Laura Seymour, ‘Jupiter’

Jane Ayres, ‘all this and more’

Julian Aiken, ‘Abesses’ and ‘Offering’

Rania Ahmed, ‘Ritual’

Miranda Barnes, ‘Hands in the Fire’

Lalah-Simone Springer, Green Thumbs Run in My Family’

Mary Neal, ‘China Blue’

Barnaby Smith, ‘Early June’

Georgia Gildea, ‘Poem for a buillding site after dark’


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